The Market is Sizzling, Recruiters and Managers Fight to Find New Talent, Every Candidate has 3 Offers, and Recruiters are drawing all the “Front Line” Fire

“The Employment Market is Back to Being the Employees’ Market”, TheMarker,  June 10th 2011

  • *  According to the Industrialists' Association: Over 80% of industrial companies in Israel report recruitment difficulties
  • *  According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate has reached its lowest level in 3 years
  • *  Recruiting managers claim that the best are hardest to find, and are even harder to “lure” into the organization

Despite the obstacles, some organizations meet the challenge, succeed in finding leading talents and make them offers they cannot refuse, thereby recruiting the top market talent. Representatives from these organizations will talk about their success stories at the Recruiting Community Conference and present the tools and practices they have adopted, in order to help you promote your recruiting processes in your organization.

Early Bird Registration – until July 7- 15% Discount

How to Get Ahead When Market Conditions Keep Getting More Complicated?

The market is sizzling, organizations are hiring. Compared to past adversities, the frozen recruiting process and dismissal of employees, perhaps it can be called “good adversities”, but the challenges we face in the world of recruiting will only continue to get more complicated: It is already apparent that Generation Y is far harder to recruit than any other, the recruiting techniques of past years no longer “deliver the goods”, managers don’t always engage in the process and expect to receive a “ready-made” employee, we lack time to do what needs to be done, our workload drowns us, and we feel that the tools we knew and used are simply no good anymore.

We find it hard to locate qualitative candidates (mostly those who are not currently looking for work), screen them (without us getting a last minute surprise), absorb them in the organization (without them leaving within a few weeks), or make inter-organizational moves.

This situation will not improve – it will only get more complicated. Morit Rozen

I invite the Recruiting Community Conference participants to gain unique tools for budget savings and locating candidates, and to change and significantly upgrade their recruiting process manner.

Read Now about the diverse options that conference participants can receive,

Morit Rozen


Join the Community and Find a Solution

Even if a solution seems far away, others in the Israeli recruiting community have already solved exactly the same challenges.

Truth be told, if we all got in a room together, we would  hear from recruiters who have already made a dramatic change in their organization, what are the methods and solutions they have found for dealing with at least some of the challenges. What strikes me as amazing is the fact that over the past year, more and more recruiters, coordinators and others involved in the recruiting business, not only found solutions – they also willingly share their insights with their peers.

That's the beauty of being part of a larger community.

We can learn from those exceptional, ground breaking recruiting leaders, who have made changes in their organization. By learning from them, we can save wasted time, money and other resources squandered in trying “to reinvent the wheel” and cope alone with the enormous complexities of initiating recruiting processes in Israeli organizations in 2011.

This is why you are invited to the Annual Israeli Conference for the Recruiting Community

1000 recruiting professionals, HR managers, representatives from innovative technological companies in the field and the experts dealing with recruitment in Israel are gathering for this year’s most important event, a two-day professional recruiting conference.

What’s so special about HRD’s Recruiting Community Conference?

Networking and Organizational Impact

Being part of the strong recruiting community in Israel: This strong recruiting community convenes during the year (in quarterly gatherings and annual conferences), and enjoys the possibility of “peer learning” throughout the entire year. The feedback we receive from you always indicates that learning is best coming from peers who are in parallel positions to you and who experience similar experiences, and give practical examples of solutions that actually worked.

Conference learning will take place in the hall and in various lectures, but also during breaks when peers connect and consult with each other during conversations and getting to know same-job colleagues from similar or different organizations. This year, the conference will include more opportunities to network with colleagues in order to share information and learn from the success of others. Additionally, for the first time in our recruiting conference, participants will have a unique opportunity to take part in a face-to-face meeting between veteran recruiters and recruiting managers, and the "new generation" of recruiters in Israel. We will hold a "group speed dating" event to enable sharing experiences from the career development path, and from the professional perspective of senior recruiters as well as sharing the experiences of the "new generation's" challenges today.

Net Recruiting Professionalism

HRD’s Recruiting Conferences always offer professionalism and practicality – not just “empty talk”:

In this fourth conference, (as in the past conferences HRD lead), Morit Rozen personally works alongside each conference speaker in designing the focused content and building discourses which add tools and practical value for representatives from the wide  variety of organizations. Additionally this year, a steering committee of 13 recruiting and HR managers from Israel’s leading organizations join Morit. This is how the conference discussions will revolve around the hottest issues in the recruiting industry today. Our joint goal is for you to come out of every activity with professional tools and practical ideas which you will be able to implement in your organization the day after the conference.

As a recruiting manger said in the last conference: “I go back to work fully motivated and with a list of tasks to implement… for the first time, I feel proud to be a part of the recruiting world in Israel."

Innovation in Recruiting – from Israel and Overseas

This year we will have the privilege of learning from Shally Steckerl, a world leader in the field of innovative recruitment sources development, who is a business consultant to some of the largest organizations in the USA, advising them on building their Sourcing Plan.

In the lectures, you will be exposed to representatives from a large variety of organizations, who will share their success stories in managing internal mobility, designing the candidate's experience, recruiting in small organizations, recruiting indices, global recruiting and more. In the conference and suppliers exhibition you will learn about new technologies: Tools, surprising solutions for identifying talents, screening and recruitment process management.

Day One – September 19, 2011

Day Two: Timetable – September 20, 2011

The following organizations have already reserved their seats in the conference:

Intel, Cellcom, Pelephone Communications, Electra Consumer Goods, Babcom Centers, Readymix Industries, Kenshoo, Starhome, Crystal Services, Tmura, Delek, Strauss Water (Tami 4), Maccabi Healthcare Services, Opisoft, Nice, Yediot IT, Gav Systems (Ness Technologies), Texas Insturments, Teldor, Bina Insurance Agency, Ben Gurion University, Newpan, RSA, Bank Leumi, Google, Microsoft, Clalit HMO, XtremIO, Amdocs, Osem, Serve Hotel, Bon Tour, Radvision, Fishman Group, ST Human Resources for Hi-Tech, Alfa Cosmetics, Avoda Ivrit, Manpower, ORS, Alkalil, HiCapital, SeeV, eBay, Colman Academic Studies, Gius Isky, Leumi Card, Siklu Communication, Valinor, Amarel, Israel Electric Corp, Amalya, HRS, Comverse,  Prelude Career Consultants


All Participants:

  • Adam Shuv’s DVD  – Recruiting Experts Forum Conference – lecture: What should organizations watch out for when using social media (the lecture normally priced at over $1000)
  • Brochure with the success stories of the conference speakers: Valuable tools and tips for you to copy

Bonuses for Day One Participants:

(Partial list)

  • Training Kit on: Measuring the effectiveness of Recruitment processes: The Kit is valued at 370 NIS
  • Video interview: Morit Rozen interviews Shally Steckerl on the impact of social media on recruitment processes and identifying candidates (interview value = 170 NIS)

Bonuses for Day Two Participants:

(Partial list)

  • Training Kit on: Creating an effective career page in your website: The Kit is valued at 370 NIS
  • DVD interview: Morit Rozen with Dr. John Sullivan on: What do HR and recruitment personnel don't do – although they should (interview value = 170 NIS)

Conference Cost:

"Early Bird" registration – until July 7, 2011 – 15% Discount

One-day participation: 690 NIS + VAT 590 NIS + VAT with early registration – (you can participate in any one of the conference days, without registering for the other)

Two-day participation: 1,311 NIS + VAT 1,121 NIS + VAT with early registration – (the price for two days includes a 10% discount for the second day)

You can register now for one of the two days without choosing the actual day of participation at this point.

Organizational Group Buying Benefit:

Buy 6 days (or 3 people for 2 days) – and get one day FREE. Buy 10 days (or 5 people for 2 days) – and get two days FREE.

Special Price for Students

This is intended for students who pay for the conference independently; a valid student card must be attached to the registration form; invoice is issued in the student's name.

One-day participation: 690 NIS + VAT 390 NIS + VAT with early registration – (you can participate in any one of the conference days, without registering for the other).

Two-day participation: 1311 NIS + VAT 741 NIS + VAT with early registration – (the price for two days includes a 10% discount for the second day)


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