Conference Lectures

Day One Lectures – September 19, 2011

Guest Key Speaker: Shally Steckerl – Sourcing is Recruiting… with Chutzpa!

How Sourcing Changes the Face of Recruitment Around the Globe?

Shally has consulted companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola, HP, Walt Disney, Cisco and more and is one of the world’s most sought-after speakers on recruitment in social media, and organizations pay thousands of dollars to participate in his training.  Shally has recently lead the SourceCon2011, the leading convention on Sourcing in the USA, and is the VP of Arbita, which has been collaborating with HRD for over two years on training and instructing candidate web-based searches.

How Has the Sourcing Plan Changed over the Last Two Years in Israel – and What Has Been the Immediate Effect on Every Recruiting Organization?

During the lecture Morit will present the 2011 Sourcing Survey and will compare it with the published survey from early 2010. The changes in the world of Sourcing during this period will be presented, as well as their impact on the way organizations find candidates and communicate and stay in touch over a long period of time, the effect on recruitment budgets and annual planning, and on allocation of responsibilities within a team.

Presenter: Morit Rozen, HRD – CEO

Please note, in June/July you will receive the 2011 Sourcing Survey – your cooperation will contribute to an enriched lecture that represents the actual status.

Guest Speaker: Adam Shuv – Refresh CEO

Adam Shuv is a consultant to some of the major players in the field of social media activities (Leumi Bank, Moses Restaurants, Microsoft R&D, Israel's National Lottery (Mifal HaPayis), and more as an author of some of the largest projects in Facebook and social media. Adam’s approach is a holistic one which integrates the organization’s recruiting and marketing activities, and he will present his model for effective organizational presence in social media.

The Great Hope Held Out by Generation Y (and Why It Scares Us)

They were called “the sour face of the generation”. It’s been said that “Generation Y looks first and foremost for personal gain”. It’s been said that they don’t want to work or develop and that there are those who have tried to manage them like previous generations were managed – but it just didn’t work.

In her talk, Shlomit will present the generation’s missed qualities, the great hidden advantages that surface under diagnosis, screening and absorption of Generation Y’s talents in the right jobs. Don’t overlook 28% of the employed population in Israel (a percentage that only grows with time).

Presenter: Shlomit Ben-David, HRD Recruiting Consultant and Sourcing Manager

From Strategy to the Personal Level: Diverse Recruiting

The session will include two parts:

  1. Danny Zur, VP HR in Pelephone will share the process of implementing a Diversity recruiting approach and way of thinking in a company that hires over 3000 employees per year.

A strategic lecture on absorbing diverse recruiting employees within the organization, Focused on how to influence firms to hire and absorb a variety of different populations – the physically or emotionally impaired, the elderly, the Orthodox community and other sectors.

  1. Gidi Aharonovich, a blind man – describes his job search (and find) process and talks about his experience as a blind talent in the Israeli market.

Varied Practical Workshops (requires pre-registration)
Online Recruiting workshops:

Recruiting with LinkedIn

How to start recruiting with LinkedIn, how to build a network that will enable finding talents quickly and efficiently, and how to search by key word

Presenter: Yakov Rozen, Antal International Joint CEO, Israel Office

Advanced LinkedIn, Open Web Searches

(Workshop in English for veteran web recruiters – places are limited, requires pre-registration)

Presenter: Shally Steckerl – Arbita Executive VP

Screening Practical Workshops:

Communication as a Component of Recruitment Assessment

This workshop will introduce four different "types" and their different styles of communication. Through the ability to identify the different "types" we gain another tool for diagnosing and matching talents for roles in the organization. This tool will facilitate work when dealing with management and will help find better ways for collaborating with them.

Presenter: Adv. Michael Ben David, 4Life Coaching – CEO, Senior Coach – Business and Personal Coaching

Developing Assessment Centers – the Journey to Finding the Sought-After

Where are we going? – defining measured characteristics
Setting the course – developmental stages of a relevant exercise
The “Guys” – selecting and integrating a field assessor (the ‘professional manager’ as an assessor at the assessment center
Taking a road map along – planning an assessor’s kit                                       Hila Addess
Dry navigation – hands on exercise development


Hila Ads is a Clinical Psychologist, formerly a diagnosis unit manager at Adam Milo, with over 15 years experience in diagnosis, developing diagnostic tools and training psychologists in diagnosis.

Dr Liat Basis is a Social and Occupational Psychologist, OD consultant on developing screening tools and employee assessment processes.                        Liat Basis

Day Two Lectures – September 20, 2011

The Role of Recruitment Develops Together with Renewed Technology and Generational Changes – How to Prepare Recruiting Teams for 2012

You can’t get away from it. The roles of recruiting team members have undergone a revolution over the last 5 years. Diverse, new technologies are now available for us for recruiting processes, candidates have more options and we must become sales staff, we have to exert more effort into marketing the organization to reach the desirable talent, and Generation Y demands us to reinvent ourselves and the organization’s processes…

In her talk Morit will present the changed recruiting team, what “a recruiter’s profile” will look like in 2012 – looking ahead, and how marketing, sales and sourcing fit into the world of recruitment. Presenter: Morit Rozen, HRD – CEO

Nine Lectures Delivered by Recruitment and HR Managers from a Variety of Organizations:

Planning a Winning Candidate Experience – How to Achieve Long-term Retention?

How Bank Leumi plans a candidate experience that begins with branding and ends with successful absorption of the candidate at the bank.

The process aims to provide candidates with a positive experience, retain candidates throughout the process, and getting support from internal partners at the bank.

Presenter: Sarit Kish – Bank Leumi Director of Recruitment

Share, Like & Tweet – How Intel Recruits Using Social Media

How does Intel use social media to support the organization's significant recruitment needs? What are the main tools and how is “success” measured?  Join Maayan and Ron to find out what works in social media and how it can work for you.

Ron Fineman    Maayan Zusman


Maayan Zusman – European Recruitment Marketing and Branding Administrator, and

Ron Fineman, Intel Israel Recruiter

David and Goliath: How can a small company win the recruitment war when competing with well known and attractive market giants

How to sell work in an organization where you alone have to hammer the nails into the wall: write on windows as a way of life (but enjoy every moment), when your competitors offer sea-view offices, temptingly, elegant kitchens and an adjacent playroom.

Rotem Katzir demonstrates how to plan an effective recruitment process in a small company, where managers and employees are activated and all available resources are used to the max.

Presenter: Rotem Katzir, Kenshoo VP Human Resources

Global Recruitment in the Technological Age – How to Build a Global Recruiting Plan Based in and Directed from Israel

The lecture will review the specified work processes required in such projects, such as how to analyze the geographic area of recruitment, how to search measure and select recruiting sources and what obstacles we will probably have to tackle.

Presenters: Ayelet Root      Sigal Eyal

Sigal Eyal, Marvell Europe – Director of Human esources and

Aylet Root, HiCapital VP

Recruiting is Like Marketing: Principles to Adopt from the World’s Best In-line Recruiting Agencies

HR managers must think like VP Marketing in order to make job seekers choose to work in their organization.

Companies that learn where their sought-after talent is and how to make their organization intriguing and desirable to work in will gain the best available talents.

We will present examples and practical tools from worldwide recruiting campaigns – and demonstrate how to intrigue candidates, how to make them closely acquainted with the organization and its employees, how to make candidates believe your organization is most appropriate for them and more. The examples will allow the audience to learn about recruitment moves by companies that know how to market themselves to candidates and how to match them to the organization.

Presenter: Raz Mitzna, AllJobs VP Marketing

How Did Clalit HMO Build an Inter-organizational Recruiting Model? – a Working Model for Identifying Potential, Mobility, Retention and Personal Development of Employees

In the course of an employee’s life in an organization, there is a personal, role and organizational dynamics of change.

Providing support and methodical data collection about the workers’ abilities and desires on the one hand, and the organization's requirements on the other, allow identifying opportunities for career development.

The lecture will present an overview of employee retention and development, with emphasis on tools and implementable work processes for maximal employee optimization before referring to external recruitment.

Presenter: Idit Green, Psychologist, Clalit HMO Screening and Personal Development Manager, HR Development Unit

How to Build an Effective Recommendation-based Interview Course and How to Implement it in the Organization and Inside the Head Hunting Company

Dan and Elinor will talk about what a structured questionnaire for referrers should consist of, with focus on behavioral questions, and exploration of the referrers’ perspective on the candidate's past functionality in specific situations in order to gain an insight into his future functioning. They will include: How to get managers to support the referral process, how to select the right referrer and how to build a focused, added value interview to the decision making phase.


Dan Valach – Bynet Communications, Human Resources Director,

Elinor Bat–Ganstein, Owner – CommuniTech Senior Marketing, Sales and Product Management Head Hunter for Hi-Tech Companies

No Secrets within the Company – How to Implement Good Background and Reliability Checks Using the Right Tools

Yanir Melech served for many years as an IDF special unit soldier and is a former security services employee, who is considered one of Israel’s experts in the field of civilian security.  In his lecture, Yanir will provide tools for interviewers on several critical screening points – how a background check will enable you to make a critical decision and what background questions should be asked. How to distinguish between truth and a lie from a candidate’s body language during the interview and what is normal behavior for a person under pressure. Additionally, Yanir will demonstrate how to read the different credibility tests correctly and how to question a candidate after such a test, and what can and can’t be asked in an interview.

The premise for the lecture is that it’s critical to maintain a respectable recruiting and absorption process, in a pleasant and unthreatening manner, while routinely integrating a credibility assessment.  The candidate is not perceived as a suspect, but in the same way that his professionalism is tested, so his credibility should also be checked.

Presenter: Yanir Melech, Abir Global Security Services – Founder and CEO

Group “Speed Dating”: Personal Encounters over a Cup of Coffee with Veteran Recruiting Coordinators and Managers

A unique opportunity to have an open discussion between the “young generation” of recruiters – who have under 5 years active experience in the recruitment field, and veteran recruitment coordinators and managers who will readily share their personal development process, the challenges they met along the way, the differences between working in an HR placement company and an organization which is recruiting employees, and the power of specializing in recruitment and more.

Additional information about this unique encounter will be published at a later date, as well as requesting the help of conference participants to take part in this engaging process.



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